Tuesday, October 26, 2010

141 - 160


hey sun, said the earth

there is no shame in shining

wind, sweep these clouds clear


she cried for the tail

tears so deep, so blue, upon

them, a whale appeared

untitled #10

speed up or slow down?

i love orange leaves, summer's

coming to a stop.

(that which does not serve)

i'm drawn to small pyres

rake my breath over hot coals

dust my words in ash

(i started smoking)

my smoke keeps dying

what's the trick to keep it lit?

como expio?

haiku equivalent of a dad joke:

nickel on the floor

worth my while to pick it up?

well, what's your 2 cents?

untitled #11

never have i grieved

so hard so fast that my eyes

they changed color so

12th street

orange cab driver

drinking orange soda pop

window, bottle, glass

i love you #4

with you I'm bamboo

knock kneed and swaying, and you

wind in my hallow.

untitled #12

rough bark slowly split-

ting. stretched to turn old old old

deep down petrified

preventative measures

stop! hold still! lemme

scissor cut that loose black thread

that hangs like a fuse

suddenly it's cold out

dust rust winter coat

(jacket?) warm the back/chest/skin

to blister like spring

untitled #13

cooked cleaned now waiting

table set. expectations,

stacked like plates, quiet.

untitled #14

i can't sea you for

the salt sting left in your wake

churning emotions

bob marley

soft tarantula

creeps, back beats, love, i dub thee

prince of stone castles

hike up, run down

size you up mt si

switch back thoughts breathed into moss

clouds blanket top view


a simple given

spiney limbs, pails for the well,

liquid cut with light


treasoned leaves laced thru

and thru with true and true, wilt.

soft, bitter remarks.

i love you #5

i i i i i

like like like like like like like

you you you you you

i profess

i protest, grass blades

thru the cracks in the side walk

we walk side by side

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