Tuesday, November 2, 2010

161 - 180

on beets, red

concentric beauty

like the hallow in my veins

spectacular gore

untitled #15

alternately, I'm

the panting dog laying down,

the tired arm, slack


if not you or i

then it is fair to say both

we, us, now sep'rate


cease your sighs

the singer at the muted mic

breaths for both of us

untitled #18

face friendly words, stumbled,,

echo thru the canyon of

my, we have grown apart

wait a second

hey, that's my shirt!

scanning for evidence. . .

shelf of milk crates, thief!

a course on coarse

dried on a rock

a salt awake wake

ocean waves goodbye


if the mic wasn't

already plugged in, you would

electrify it.

untitled #19

the air you breath, i,

i want it. thin breath thru bones

harmonize the breeze

untitled #20

a cradle of grapes

on the table. the cupboard,

a coffin of raisins.

under under under

beneath sediment

weight of time, pressured of sand,

crystals conspire form

moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake

scarab black fur coat

always bent uphill, pushing

broke dung shopping cart

untitled #21

first thread, no needle.

then needle, no thread. falling

apart it would seam

untitled #22

pebble underfoot

fells me like an avalanche

hard (packed snow) pavement

fancy salt

crystalline hide out

surrenders to waves. unlocks

oceans legacy

thank you for feeding me

my stomach's a glow

you dear, put the epic in


untitled #23

pear in my kitchen

is it true you miss your tree?

a lone bird told me


slime jam on toast

like a snail traversing bark

bite through crisp crust shell

this is about coffee tho i don't partake

hiding under grounds

terminal velocity

private jet to go


hot sultry evening

chatter hot gossip over

air conditioned hum

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