Tuesday, November 16, 2010

191 - 200

window pane rattle
i can hear you breath, in out,
too tired for words

i follow the seams
in your dress, threads unwind from
the tight spool of you

spell it out for me
bone white sentences
sweaty prints on the chalk board
oh, i get it now

i mistake your veins
for rivers, marrow old growth
baptized, i splinter

rain runs down streets in
seams, in concrete, compassion
towards patter patterned

that tree dropping green
perhaps this is it's first fall
go says it's leaves, still

herds of yellow leaves
running the red light and back
squirrelly swirl dancing

need i permission
to buy/eat a persimmon
concrete store floor shines

single footed crow
hop scotch king on a concrete
sidewalk. there's no chalk.

muscles cling to bones
bark on bare limbs chattering
fuck it's so cold out

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