Monday, October 11, 2010

116 - 125

so, like,

it's not like my heart

is gonna run out of beats

still the sun breaks night

clove hitch

to a gentle swell

we sway below deck, night sails

bones creak. lapped wet planks

somewhere between often and never is always

i do think of you

in the same way i think of

trees, the ground, mountains

city pigeons

a synchronized flock

wings that just touch, and bellies

that reflect the sun

holy holy

i wanna plague you

like locust, rivers turned blood.

god please part our seas.

solicitous solitude

you don't live here but

here I bring you in, in thoughts

a pile of junk mail

untitled #7

if keys were me, yours,

worn on your hip or lost or

slipped in your pocket

it's a hot july

fire cracker cracks

shirts off, I'm fading daylight

enjoying the show


time alone is nice

stretched across my living space

elongated cat

fight and fight and fight

you're moving. i hear

pigeon's feather whips. and you,

startled into flight.

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