Tuesday, September 28, 2010

101 - 115

things i am proud of

my milk crate bookshelf

and free boxed jean jacket, my

college diploma.

it's just a dust storm, it will pass

oh sweet date, you are

the sand in my eyes, mirage

of an oasis.

rough draft #1

when there's more ink on

your hands than on the page, it's

time to take a break.

again, I've over packed.

my bag sat for h'rs

before suddenly spilling

my day on the floor.

for travels near and far

sleep chart is set with

cartesian coordinates.

now nap the data.

self portrait #2

I keep thinking that

that photo is a mirr'r and

I haven't changed much.

if it's you, I don't mind

sitting in a tree

I'm hanging onto your limbs,

all my words gone numb.

come in

lockless key windchime

rings a refrain down, unchained,

in the open grass.


I wanna be her:

soft lobe pressed against your chest,

listening, transfixed.


meditation is

my shy sky medication

cloud brain brings the rain

with one stone

'stay up, early bird!'

'it's way too late, night owl!' great,

now who do I coo?

my dear jeppa, you are pregnant!

blue dress electric

incubator, charged wild growth

contained but for now.

untitled #6

there's a slight chill, you

close the window with force

undue, i shiver.

on that old mountain trail

gravel, your voice spews

kicking up your point like rocks

thrown through timber teeth.

(if this title was an image it would be of an ouroboros. but instead of a snake, it'd be a tube sock)

walking to buy thread

to fix the hole in my sock

I got from walking

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