Thursday, September 9, 2010

61 - 75

humans, sometimes

skeletons! we're just

bare, just barely not knocking

into each other.

anchor afloat

bubble on a breeze

balloon on a tree

i'd rather be caught in limbs

you leave me un-offended

so deep in your groove

you pass by you don't see me

a tree in a grove

on noticing that your dog sports an NBA collar

difficult, i find,

to believe your dog is a

boston celtic's fan

close enough to touch, close enough to feel

yawning or yelling

from here i can't tell if you're

crying or laughing

you make me nervous

your gray eyes alive

swing past like poe's pendulum

slick sweat on metal


you spent all of spring

molting your old ways only

to fall back to them.

bitter, robust

those coffee fueled words

spouting from your mouth could use

hella more sugar

tea date #1

loose leaves risk rides on

oxygen pockets to steal

kisses from your lips

(it's an excuse!)

not to brag at all

but I do my best writing

the night right before

this is my first spring

I climb trees to learn

if a leaf is born knowing

to fly or to fall.


you've been written in

to my bed. crumpled sheets by

my cold feet. ink stained.

(ok, really it's a) Turkish Yurt Door

I bought a rug with

mud already caked in so

I can say I've been.

surmise the sunrise

you yawn like you scream

you got teeth like the Cascades.

night bites at your heels.

I miss you #2

you fit in my mouth

like a spoon, so well. hunger-

only when you are gone.

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