Monday, August 9, 2010

51 - 60

i turned the corner to find what you have found

the owl is face down

in the middle of the road

dead. a shadow cast.

fake it till you make it

no need to believe

even just the act of it

flips the switch to on.

wait a second

dear god, everything

in moderation? ok. . .

but what then of you?

on your kiss

i hang forever

a comet burning ether

exclamation point

avid adversary

i can build a shelf

but i ain't got books no more

i burned them myself

rinse wash repeat wash repeat

i did the wash but

still don't feel clean. yr shirt hangs

(like a ghost) drying.

then you invited me to go for a walk at night

nervous fingers flit,

sing, dart. i'm startled. cricket

legs caught in my throat.

dove of peace, dove of pieces.

the indifferent bird

having searched us for perches

delivers our sings.

occasional cumulus #2

steel gray clouds like slate

gray battleships armed, disarmed,

coming into dock.

i can see your breath

ice on the pond. no,

a stream frozen over. there's

an undercurrent.

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