Friday, August 6, 2010

41 - 50

Chapter 12

of all the fucking

possible endings, of course

i get irony.

to pass by like strangers

cat's claw of a leaf

carves a deep smile on my face

of wood if i could

occasional cumulus

the heat drove the clouds

into my brain. i'm sweating

them out thru my skin.


i've lost all but one

of my senses. senseless/consensus

it seems.

84 Days

sea the slick wet dog

despite years of neglect, spoil,

still laps at our sands.

barely a dune

b'ry me in the sand

far below the aquifer

i prefer deep s'eep

i love you #2

i want you around

to kiss me in the places

i can't kiss myself

to say i miss you

would be an understatement.

i'll say it again.

i miss you


i'm a butterfly

i flit flutter fly fall but

better that landing

hold out your hand

this marble is like

the universe, but in it (reflected)

i can see myself

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