Wednesday, July 21, 2010

26 - 40

unit 10
hard soled hard wood foot-
steps, pacing tiger, painting,
etches down the hall.

oh, the horror
“You saw Vertigo?
Oh, I just love Stephen King!”
“Hitchcock, actually.”

untitled #4
reach for my bread and
I will stab you in both hands
I. . . low blood sugar.

it bled thru
you remind me of
permanent marker ink stains
I wasn't careful.

crumpled, sleeping
bread crumbled landscape
thoughts over breakfast grace lips.
I've filled up on you.

foul temptress, the only way I'll ever lay you is to rest
your purpose in life
is to strengthen other's bonds
or snap them in half.

as not to forget

white thread of a ring.
bandage wrapped around the cut .
that (s)nagging feeling.

I'm awake
I'm tired, I crave salt.
I crave the ocean like a
mermaid who bargained.

the roots of trees of leaves

if it weren't for the
hills, I'd have no one to blame
for letting us fall.

I still have keys to your apartment
there's no one around
to stop me from laying here
all day. a stray cat.

an argument settled

said the written word
write back to the blue ink pen:
you make a fine point.

defied by a caffeine sensitivity
thrown into the curve
at full throttle, oh but this mug
holds such potential

I look to cross your
highway endless highway of
words. sigh wait for the light.

I Love You #1
yes! hug me! hug me!
I'll wear you like a backpack!
hold my umbrella!

saurischian geneology
fossil bones exposed;
you can't discover that which
was already there.

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