Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6 - 15

i awoke to face

it is beginning
it has begun already
dream wakes into dawn

i love working with you, but. . .
please don't talk to me
whispering so close after
eating beef jerky.

the logistics of perception
this blindfold's too short.
in order for it to work
i have to hold it.

travels in which i left you behind
berlin wall i fall
this heart is my canal and
swans float, indiff'rent

self portrait #1
i, a magpie, crave
structure, a shiny object
obsess to possess

untitled #2
like attracts like like
a bright satellite bent at
the orbit, yearning

definition, intuition
picked at half moon cuticles
jean jacket racket

the iron in my blood

your hand on my neck
makes me feel like molasses.
lick me off the floor.

on how you becomes we
like staring into
a mirror. except that my
heart is on your sleeve.

you steady yourself as you walk past me on the bus

face pressed against chest
hot damn i can see your slip
your hand in my purse

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