Saturday, July 10, 2010

16 - 25

driveways of homes i've lived in
before i went femme
gravel crunching high heeled shoes
i was a tomboy

i'm gonna read that book front to back
fuck your cocky stare
i wanna ride your mustache
rainbow suspenders

rosetta stone butch

you wanna have tea?
is gay homo speak for
let's make out/process

locks hold keys, dust hides change
oh elegant queen
you glitter like diamonds with
five o'clock shadows

the reason
if you're wondering
why, how the awesome hair cut
it's because i'm gay.

untitled #3
it has a delay
of about, oh, i don't know,
three -oops, there it goes.

sing another verse.
whisky's still whisky
on the shelf despite myself
warm sunsets suffice.

wake up
don't set your alarm
your arm as a root (i'm dirt)
helps me remember

aquarium compendium
how long do fish live?
tho, what is time without space.
the wait of four walls.

this is the first day
of the rest of my life - shit
i need to pay rent.

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