Tuesday, October 19, 2010

126 - 140

I'm melting in the snow

my blood's sap I'm trees

tapped the temperature's rising

a sweet temple strapped

calculate us

I equate you with

staring square at the unmade

corners of the bed

you are, by and by

what does it mean to

cook/serve/eat the grains of rice

I wrote on, swore on

yes, I used to own a poster of a fractal

I imagine that

chaos probably functions

equally as form

destined to fade

holy shit that bruise!

a watercolor face down

still wet brush with death

untitled #8

this piece's title's

embedded in the piece its

self. can you find it?


the bird bore an egg

mid flight. with no land in sight,

the sea took delight.

same page

we're tucked in the sheets

two pens in a shirt pocket

inky black warm hearts

how i found god

i'm a lizard pierced

on a thorn. laughing bleeding

staring at the sun

highway 1

riding round with you

i feel good, seat belt safe, full

filled up like gas tanks

honey glazed

tipped over you drip

with viscous indecision

wide mouth jar drooling

last one out

fires dying down

like my body laying down

logs crack, show gray, ash

leaves obscure

cracks in the sidewalk

look! line up exactly to

trees shadows, street lit


i've tricks up my sleeves

shocking! a fresh battery

of eels, charged, waiting.

untitled #9

what is your stance on

mishaps? they happen, at times,

happenstance, missed times.

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