Tuesday, January 4, 2011

241 - 250

stare into space

kid in a fountain

wet wash of starlight

asleep with few sheets

the black notes of birds pebbling

closed windows

a washing of words

sluiced through a steel grate

dirt down drains scrapes pipes

piano! dusty wires

connect fingers to brain, fingers to brain,

been too long, that song.

you said 'paint peeled'

i heard 'fate sealed.'

water dries, leaves salt

bare flesh in high winds

the surface of fresh water,

in fall rains, complains.

empty parking lot

spines of stray cats

starved gaps

late pumpkin

tucked in amongst leaves

mold or frost or both

water on the whale

twinkling against the sky

an astronaut


all the spaces above

freckles taught

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